Toshiba E-Studio Administrator login

Copiers and printers have usually several access levels. An end user may change simple settings like paper size, paper tray selection, zoom, darkness and number of copies etc. There might be some other adjustments which are not available in user mode and only an administrator can change them. Most commonly network settings are hidden behind administrator privileges. If you’re running a home network and need to configure Toshiba E Studio printer on your local network, you must be aware of the administrator username and password.  
Initially you need to configure the IP from the printer itself. Press the "User Functions" key, go to the Admin tab and enter the password. Default password is provided in the user manual of the copier/printer but mostly it is 123456. Here you will be able to make adjustments for printer and scanner configurations. 
In case you want to access IP configuration via web page (Top Access as they call it) user name is admin and password is 123456.

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  1. You mean to say at the time putting set up of this user ID and password is same...And we want to give connection to there PC as well then what should i need to do...??