Print less to help the planet

The universe consists of millions of planets, stars and galaxies. In this vast universe our only home is the lonely planet, the earth. It is full of resources, beautiful scenes and lovely creatures but all of its beauty is in danger due to rapid global deforestation. According to a research 3 billion to 6 billion trees are cut down every year.

Think of a young high school student prints a worksheet of 5 pages because he lost the one the teacher gave him. Somebody prints out a 10 page video game guide yet it turns out they only needed a paragraph from it to get past the point they were struggling. An employee prints out 50 pages for his boss, and one typo means he needs an extra 50 pages. But a sheet of paper is just a sheet of paper and wasting a few thousand per year (it has probably much more than that) doesn’t matter, right? The answer is no. As many of you have probably already heard, saving paper is an important part of a green earth and we should definitely print less to save the earth’s resources.
As we all know, paper comes from trees. But it is often quite hard for people to think or care about that when they are just printing out a few sheets of paper. There is often an attitude of neglect all too common in modern society regarding printing paper less. Every single person seems to think “I only printed 5 pieces of paper, this doesn’t matter.” But au contraire. Each single piece of paper, when combined with the millions of other sheets wasted each year, have a direct effect on the earth. HowStuffWorks looked at a Pine Tree that was 1 foot in diameter and 60 feet tall, and estimated it to be about 80,500 pieces of paper. Admittedly, that is a ton. But when you and another million Americans waste 5 sheets of paper each year, that is over 5 million sheets. More trees will be cut down, more rainforests will disappear, more medicinal and other resources will disappear, and animals that are keystones of ecosystems will vanish from the face of the earth.
Before printing a paper, ask yourself “Do I really need this” and “Are there any typos?” Don’t print right away either. Look at your paper in 1 hour later and in that hour add anything you may have forgotten. Not only does this save paper but it also saves trees from being cut down and rainforests from being destroyed.
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