What to Consider When Buying a Photo Printer

The main thing to consider when buying a photo printer is what you're going to use it for. If you are going to be only using this printer for only printing a certain type or only actual picture photos then you'll want a very specific type of printer. This kind of printer is known as a dedicated printer since it is, well dedicated to printing photos. If you want a printer that can print great quality photos but can also handle a number of other printing tasks you'll be in the market for a near-dedicated printer.

That is the first big step in realizing what you'll be getting because there's no point in using that near dedicated printer as both a photo printer and a printer for all of your faxes. It will simply be a waste of the expensive ink and the potential of the printer. A near dedicated printer isn't just for an all in one home use printer, and photo quality prints it is simply meant to be a photo printer as well as handle other high quality printing needs. If you need a printer to print documents and photos you're probably not in the market for an actual “photo printer”, but a normal everyday printer.

Black and white Photos:

A photo printer may need to be tuned specifically for black and white photos since the grayscale and many minute shades can be very difficult to get smoothly in a printer designed for photos. Make sure that if you are going to be doing a large amount of black and white that you check out the printer and how it can handle those demands.


Photo resolution is a huge topic. If you are a photographer or need prints to be nothing less than perfect quality, then you'll need to spend the extra money investing in a printer that can cater to those needs. If you think that you could get away with something that isn't the best and greatest right now, then save your money for the next printer you'll buy. Look for the dots per inch, but consider that the rates are different for thermal and for ink jet!


These days the internet is your best friend when buying expensive electronics. There are expansive sites which their only purpose is to rate and supply buyer's information on the products out there. Here you can find people who needed exactly what you did and see how they fared and what they recommend.

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