Toshiba Printer Error Messages

If an error occurs while using Toshiba multifunction printers,take an appropriate action with reference to the following. 
402F: Paper size error.
This error means that the printer memory is full. You must call service center to resolve this issue.
4030: No print enabler/invalid.
Check if the print enabler is connected properly and it is inserted securely. Or check if the trial period is expired. 
4031: Hard disk full for printing.
Too many jogs of Private print and Department code print are stored in HDD. Perform the jobs or delete them. 
A221: Print Job Cancel
Someone has cancelled the print job. Try to print it again.
A222: Print job power interruption
 Printing was interrupted by power failure. Check the power source and try to resent the print job.
Above mentioned codes are taken from Toshiba e-studio 3511/4511 user manual but should be valid for other models.


  1. thanks for sharing valuable information but if printer attachment error is come how to solve that...

  2. Currently I am using two internet connection because of their bad frequency sometimes...I install my printer and connected with the SSV internet but some of time as I said because of there low frequency I using Airtel internet, when I using that I unable to send print command Do you have solution for this...

  3. Yes, its very true these are common error we found in toshiba printer..Thanks for sharing informative article based on this.