E000 on Canon IR220-2800-3300

E000 is temperature low indication. It means that the reading of the main thermistor does not reach 30C within 1 second after the main switch is turned on. Or, it does not reach 70C 2 seconds thereafter. Before you start to check the defective parts, make sure that the line power source is stable and meets the machine power ratings. If it sounds good, first thing to check is the fixing film. A thermistor is used to detect the temperature of the fixing film, faulty thermistor sends wrong signal to the control board and may cause E000. Check the interval between pin 1 and between pin 4 of the connector (4-pin) of the thermistor for electrical continuity. If is few ohm, the thermistor has a short circuit. Canon recommends replacing the whole fixing film in this case. Second reason of E000 is open fixing heater circuit. Check continuity between heater terminals, if it is open replace it. Rarely, faulty power supply PCB or the DC controller PCB also result in E000. I never tried to repair a Controller Board but in most cases power supply can be repaired by a professional.

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