How to Print Screen in Apple

Apple is not a topic that has to give the introduction of itself and especially after the death of Steve Jobs (1955-2011) who was the inventor of this superb product. He makes the computer in reach of a common man. Apple has now become the top most and leading company of cyber world giving motivation to other companies who are seeking towards this business. Apple has got the easiest process of doing work with I-phones. One of their functions is going to be discussed downwards.
Print screen is the function of computer that helps remembering the task when you do the two different works at a same time. So, now I am going to tell you that how to print screen in Apple the process includes some steps that has to be followed.
A.    Firstly you would have to go to the option of GRAB which will be located at the bottom of your I-phone
B.     After clicking on grab you will see many options choose CAPTURE out of them.
C.     After it an option will highlight named SCREEN when you click on it the next option automatically comes and that is SCREEN GRAB.
D.    Now you have to do nothing just click on that option and an untitled image will appear at your screen. If you want to save that just click on save option and it will be saved wherever you wants.

As we are aware that apple has shortcuts for its every function likewise the print screen has also got a shortcut.
COMMAND-SHIFT-3 is used to select the entire screen but if you want some selected screen to be printed then you have to go with COMMAND-SHIFT-4.
So, as we read that the process of How to Print Screen in Apple is quite easy and simple we just have to follow some simple steps otherwise shortcuts are always there to help us.

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