HP Error Codes

02-Warming Up Mode
HP 2, 3, 4, 2D, 3 D
·         I/O Cable is bad or hooked up incorrectly
·         Communication problem between computer and printer
·         Bad DC controller
·         Bad Fuser Assembly
·         Bad DC Power Supply
HP 3Si, 4 Si
·         Defective display cable or formatter PCA
·         Bad Fuser Assembly
·         Bad DC Controller
HP 4V, 5 Si
·         Defective parts such as: Fuser, PCA board, DC controller
·         I/O cable is hooked up incorrectly or bad interface in computer
·         Bad fuser assembly
·         Paper or paper tray empty or not seated correctly
·         Paper tray sensor arm stuck or broken
·         Defective tray size sensing or configuration
·         Defective paper control or sensor PCA
·         Paper cassette is empty or missing
·         Tray 1 is empty
·         Tray 2 is empty
·         Paper path door or top cover open
·         Toner cartridge missing
·         Toner cartridge no seated in printer
·         External fuser access door not closed
·         Tab missing on top cover
·         Bad DC controller
HP 3Si, 4 Si
·         PS1 Malfunction
·         Fuser bulb burned out
·         Bad DC controller
HP 4, 4 +, 5
·         Plunger missing on top cover
·         Paper control P.C.A malfunction
·         Bad top cover switch
·         Front door open sensor
·         Toner cartridge micro switch malfunction
·         DC controller PCA malfunction
HP 2P, 2P+, 3P, 4P
·         Printer door open
·         DC power supply malfunction
·         Replace DC Power supply
·         External fuser door open
·         Defective fan
·         Sensor switch for the door is dirty or needs to replace
·         Bad high voltage power supply
HP 4P, 5P
·         Top cover open
·         No toner cartridge
·         Bad toner cartridge
·         Defective interlock switch assembly
·         Bad DC controller
·         Part of the top door that pushes the plunger down is broken
·         Top door switch is broken
·         Not toner cartridge
·         Bad DC controller
·         Out of sec media
·         Pick up roller came out of place
·         Paper cassette not load correctly
·         Dirty or obstructed paper.
·         Work pick up roller and separation pad
·         Wrong length paper or incorrect software paper size selected
·         Defective exit sensor
·         Defective input sensor doesn’t sense paper out
·         Paper cassettes not correctly loaded
·         Bad Solenoid operation
·         Bad dear or dears in driven train
·         Bad main motor or drive circuit

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