How to print a envelope?

I want to know how to print my words on an envelope. I used to have a envelope on toolbar to click and type my words on, after I picked size of envelope. But I don't anymore. I've looked on all webs and they have buying envelopes, I don't want to buy and print. I have letters to mail and I want to put my addresses on only.
well get Microsoft publisher and select envelope and make one in the program then put a black envelope in your printer and then select the envelope in the page settings in the printer settings and print.
Depending what program you are printing from, it is found under page setup > page size. For example in IE go to File > Page Setup > Page Size. In Word 07 go to Navigation Menu > Print > Print > Scale to paper size.

I just got the hp office jet j4680 and installed it but it wont print i can scan n copy fine but the printer is not working I cant even use the printer setup option it has it doesn't work when i try to print something off the net i get a search 4 printer what could be the problem plz help
1.Restart and then reinstall the software
2. Go to add/remove and remove all components for the printer
Reinstall the software, or you don't have the CD, to to the listed site below for the drivers

I have had a EMACHINE PC connected to a Lexmark X1270 printer for a few years. Back in December I purchased a Toshiba laptop with windows 7. I have tried to install the old printer that I have had hooked up to the PC, to the new laptop. Without any success at all. Any suggestions would be great. It keeps saying cannot Communicate with printer.
Most Windows 7 PCs I have seen have the 64 Bit version of the OS on them so if it is 64 bit windows
you need a 64 bit windows 7 driver from the lexmark site for it… 


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