Solid Black Line on Printed Page

One of the most common problem in photocopiers and printers is "solid black line on printed pages". The reasons behind this issue can be so different but you may follow some easy steps to fix this problem yourself before calling for technical support.
First of all have a brief look inside the printer. If it is dirty (paper dust, toner etc) just clean it well. You may like to use an air blower to accomplish this task. If you got a photocopier, clean the scanning glass surface with a wet cloth. Some copier machines have two glasses (big and a small one in case the copier has auto document feeder). Don't forget to clean the small glass lying under the ADF paper path.
If your laser printer is printing black solid lines continuously than most probably its drum has gone and need to be replaced. Rarely a dirty corona wire or charge roller also cause this problem. Since modern printers have all these components in one package so you need not to be worried about which of these parts is defective. Just take a breath and purchase whole drum unit (somtimes called an "imaging unit").

Non original toners are cost effective but since they are not always fully compatible with printers, their particles may reside on the fixing rollers making a thin layer of toner which finally results in black solid line on printed pages.

In inkjet printers a faulty print head causes solid black line. Fortunately most of the printer manufacturers provide some kind of utilities to clean the print head. If it doesn't work replace the print head.


  1. Hi, I have the same problem! What can I do?
    The FastRes 1200 or “rotated” don’t work!
    Please help!!!

  2. I also have this problem , going to try using the beta driver but dont hold out much hope , maybe hp will make better driver one day !

  3. Yeah, I just returned the printer. I read some review on Amazon that people were having problems with the HP drivers. Poor guys…they are stuck with the printers because they ordered them online and it would be a pain in the ass to return them. That’s why I get my stuff like this locally. It’s easy to return, if need be.