PostScript Level 2 Advantages over Postsctipt Level1

PostScript Level 2 provides the following improvements over PostScript Level 1.

Composite Fonts: PostScript Level 2 supports character sets larger than 256 characters, unlike in PostScript Level 1. Japanese fonts require character sets larger than 256 characters.

Device-independent Colour: PostScript Level 2 supports the CIE (Commission International de l'Eclairage) colour system, as well as CMYK and RGB. The CIE system enables users to create, view, and print colours with more predictable results on a variety of displays and printers.

Forms: A form is a set of graphics, text, and/or images stored in memory for overlaying onto printed pages.

Better Halftone Algorithms

Improved Memory Management: Memory in a PostScript Level 2 device is dynamically-shared between all resources (font cache, form cache, page buffer. etc), resulting in increased efficiency. The memory taken up by each resource expands whenever necessary.

Patterns: PostScript Level 2 allows patterns in addition to solid colours. Recently used patterns are cached in memory, optimizing repeated use of the same pattern.

Printer-specific features: PostScript Level 2 can specify the requirements for a page and can control standard features (e.g., number of copies) and optional device features (e.g., duplex printing, multiple paper trays).

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