Printer Spooling Services Problems

As I described before, when a user prints a document, the print job creates a temporary file on the disk for the document being printer. After that the application can be used for other tasks and the system sends the temporary file to the print device.
In windows, the print spool service s responsible for managing the print environment. If yo can't delete a print job from the print queue than you many have a corrupt queue.
This problem may be solved by restarting the print spooler services.Follow these steps to perform the task:
1. Go to Start Menu
2. Control Pannel
3. Performance an maintinance
4. Administrator toools
Actually when you restart the printing spool services, you are going to reboot the printing envoiroment.
Sometimes, you may want to move the printer spooler folder. The folder location should be changed if you are facing printing problem in windows and there is no hardware problem. Also if you are running out of space on drive C, spool directroy should be moved to another partition. To change the spool dierctory:
1.Start Menu
2. Printer and Faxes
3. Choose file
4. Server properties
5. Click advance tab
6. Enter the path of the new spool folder

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